Weekly Runs

We have three main sessions a week:
Wednesday 7pm
Saturday 9.30am
Sunday 9am (Long runs for half and full marathon training)

Everyone is usually split into 3 groups:
Beginners- Complete beginner (jog/ walk) to 30 minutes continuous running.
Intermediates- 30 minutes continuous running to 50 minute 10km pace.
Advanced- Two sub groups- A) sub 50 minute 10km pace, B) sub 40 minute 10km pace.

We always meet at Synergy Studio. You can leave your belongings in the changing area. Stretching and foam rolling can be done pre and post run in the main studio space. 

Wednesday and Saturday sessions are targeted to improve your speed and strength as a runner and the sessions your hate doing on your own. These can include: Intervals, fartlek, hill work, drills, pace and threshold runs etc.

Sunday sessions are long runs focusing on half marathon and full marathon training.

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