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The coaches at Synergy Running club provide online training plans for runners to give them a personalised plan to help them train for 10km, half marathons and full marathons.

We useTrainingPeakssoftware to facilitate the plans. You can log in daily and weekly to check what your coach has set for you and update your session.

Food and what you eat can be logged to help monitor your nutrition.

You can also log in and check your sessions via an iPhone application.

Your coach can check your progress daily, update your sessions to give you feedback, comment and you can ask any questions you have about the sessions.

Training plans vary from only £7.50-£15 per week (to be paid on a monthly direct debit system).

” I have been following the my online training plan for my Paris Marathon and general motivation for over five months and I have never enjoyed my training so much. I used to train franticly for 1-2 months and then do nothing for 6 months and not really know what i’m doing. Since using the online training I love training and having my own personal coach to contact when I have any issues or worries and most importantly i’m on track to improve my marathon personal best by 1hour!” Joanne Collins

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