Over the last 10 years we have helped complete beginners/ first time marathon runners to 3 hour marathon runners achieve their goals. The Sunday long runs are the most important when training for half marathons or full marathons. There are usually 15-20 runners on the Sunday sessions of various speeds (intermediate and advanced level). Sessions can vary from 45 minutes to 3 and half hours.

While we have a main template that we work from when training for half and full marathons, you can also get a personalised online training plan to help you stay focused and on target for your race target time (see the Online training page).

“I have been a member of Synergy running club since April 2009 when in a moment of madness I decided I was going to run a marathon.  Thanks to Synergy that mad thought became a reality and I transformed from a beginner running for less than a minute at a time into a proud medal and foil blanket wearing marathon runner!  I can’t praise the Synergy team enough for their professional approach to my training, together with their constant support and encouragement.  Best of all I have made some great friends at the running club and look forward to making many more.” Joanne Sennitt

“Having been forced to pull out of the first Brighton Marathon due to injury, I was convinced that I would never be able to get through the training, let alone complete the 26.2 miles marathon distance.  I was introduced to Synergy by a friend (Sarah) and, in a moment of madness, entered theBrightonagain and signed up to run with the club.  The first Sunday was dank, cold and icy.  And yet, with the encouragement of the other runners (Anna in particular) I made that first training run.  As the weeks passed and the mileage increased, the sense of camaraderie between my new running buddies kept me going.  The buzz of early mornings plodding through the City,Camden, Regents Park andHyde Park, alongside people like Sarah and Jo, are a never-to-be-forgotten memory of the Sunday long runs.  And even when an injury threatened to fell me again, Sarra and her team’s professional approach and vast knowledge of training injuries, got me back onto the road again.  I completed theBrightonmarathon injury free.  I was slow but sure and so thankful to the Synergy team and members of the club for getting me through.  If, like me, you feel that you were ‘born to run’ and have never yet managed it, Synergy will help you realise your dreams.  I can’t praise them highly enough for helping me to push my running on from dreaming of a marathon to actually completing one.” Kim Akass

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