Barefoot Training

If you’ve seen people walking or running in the Vibram Five Finger shoes, they are very popular and new but how should you run in them? They don’t have any cushioning or support and require a fore foot style of running technique and a slow build up and learning period or injuries can occur. Conventional trainers provide cushioning and support that do not allow all of your feet and calf muscles to develop.

We provide workshop and training sessions to help develop correct fore foot running technique. These sessions also show you exercises to strengthen your feet, calves and legs to be able to run.

Barefoot running can be an amazing experience and can help to make you a stronger and more technical runner. You can convert entirely to barefoot running and wear Vibram Five Finger or other style of barefoot shoes or simply add barefoot running to your regular routine to improve your running style.

“I loved my vibram fivefingers as soon as i saw them and got a little carried away. I chucked my trainers away and started running 4 days a week as normal. 3 weeks later I had aches and pains everywhere. I arranged a session with Sarra to assess what I was doing wrong. I was doing everything wrong, I needed to learn how to run again after being encased in shoes for so long. I needed to stretch, foam roller and strengthen my weak barefoot muscles. 6 weeks later I was back running in my vibrams and have never looked back. Make sure you learn to do it properly.” S. Baxter  

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